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Serving Greater Seattle area

Pacific Ascent, LLC in Seattle, WA is a licensed and insured tree company focused on tackling any size tree trimming or tree removal job. While you focus on what is most important in your life, we are here to get your trees trimmed and pruned. Launched in 2016, our tree service company is engaged in providing excellent tree service and delivering superb customer satisfaction.

We are leading industry experts in tree removal, tree pruning and tree hedge work. Our courteous staff can tackle any measure of work requested, including stump grinding, stump removal and commercial tree service work. If you have a tree that is hanging over your property or one that poses a threat to your family, contact our tree service company. We possess a wealth of experience and offer an underbelly of services you may need.

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Meet owner, Connor

The roots of Pacific Ascent found ground in the foot hills of the North Cascades. Connor DeCatur the owner of Pacific Ascent was raised in the logging community of Skagit County. With family and friends both closely positioned to forestry practices he perceived a need to adapt the business model in a way that promoted environmental awareness. As our region grows so does the need to provide information about the best industry practices.  That is the what works for keeping nature close to the residential and commercial sphere.

With years of observation and a genuine love for nature, Pacific Ascent offers the best insight on maintaining the great outdoors that surround your home or business.

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