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Recent Work

Here are some latest projects I'm pretty proud of.


Uh-no Ivy!

While this customer has taken the steps to stop the growth of Ivy, it still presents a major challenge to climb past. Lets get a taller ladder..


Fire-wood Frenzy

After the removal of these large Fir trees in the Bothell area we process the trunk into fire-wood. The neighborhood was happy to fill their woodsheds.



We offer

more than just tree cutting.

Emergency Response  / Hazard Tree Removal

Pacific Ascent Tree Service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to address situations that require immediate attention.


Exporting the waste generated by tree work is made all the easier with a chipper. Any pile of brush is better suited for hauling after it has been chipped.

Lot Clearing

Preparing a site for construction or increasing light for your garden and yard can be achieved through clearing some portion of property.


Cleaning certainly extends the lifespan of the roof and home structure. When tree work is performed this service is a great option to consider. Of course, when debris makes its way into gutters because of tree work that is always cleaned up for free.


Removing timber for harvest and profit.

Stump Removal

Excavation of stump and roots. This clears the way for planting, development, and may help preserve the integrity of infrastructure (Buried pipes, sidewalks, driveways).

Tree Removal

Safe and controlled dismantling techniques make it possible to remove trees from a wide range of scenarios.


The most important aspect of tree work is performed in maintaining the global canopy world wide. From lowered average temperatures to wildlife conservation, a tree planted for every tree taken is how we address our need to contribute locally.


The delicate side of tree work. Correctly cutting plant growth to maintain fruit production, a healthy tree canopy, aesthetic value, increased blossoms, or balanced size and shape.


Often the most efficient way to trim hedges, also effective to shape the growth of bushes, shrubs, and some types of tree.


Promotes balanced growth in individual trees, their canopy, and throughout the forest floor. Selectivity thinning reduces the occurrence of in stable growth.


Occasional pole pruning snips help draw the shape of choice into picture. Sometimes the best appearance of the hedge is revealed through detailed hand   pruning. Typically the side growth is removed first. Then the trimming of the tops is made easier to achieve.

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